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Retro Riches by High 5 Games

HIGH 5 GAMES has launched a new 1980s arcade game-themed slot Retro Riches.

Retro Riches sets aside traditional reels and features a unique grid system not seen in any other slot game. Players who sit down to play for the first time will immediately feel immersed in a retro world of arcade-inspired icons and backgrounds, complete with retro sound effects to set the mood.

When a player lands shapes on the grid, they charge up the dots and receive a MegaPixel Pay. And the more charged a dot is, the bigger the payout will be.

Players can also Spin-crease by landing a special icon on the grid, fill up the progress bar at the top of the screen, and unlock the next unique paying symbol shape with a multiplier value. The larger the bet, the faster the progress bar will fill. And as players unlock shapes, they’ll reach a new level in the game.

Super Boost! is a ready-to-go in-game promotion that randomly rewards Super Boost! Spins to selected players. With Super Boost! the chances of winning increase as shapes are forced into the grid, allowing not only for guaranteed single symbols payouts, but more symbol combinations and greater wins.

“With Retro Riches, we’re pushing the boundaries of what the experience of gambling on slot games can really be,” said High 5 Games head of game design Phil Welty. “This game has an ebb and flow that allows players to charge up the screen and build towards big wins in a uniquely visual and intuitive way.”

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