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Clover Rollover 2 by Eyecon

With more than twelve years’ success and a huge player following, popular Playtech title Clover Rollover will see another version of the game built and distributed by one of Playtech’s leading studios, EYECON.

Clover Rollover 2 is an eagerly anticipated slot game ready to thrill and delight players across online bingo and casino.

Playtech launched Clover Rollover back in January 2008. Thanks to its progressive Jackpots and ease of play, it instantly became one of the most popular slots across Playtech Bingo. Now Eyecon, a Playtech Studio, has created the sequel to this popular game.

Clover Rollover 2 stays true to the original player experience. The graphics have been updated with the vibrancy Eyecon games are known for, whilst keeping all the key elements of this beloved game. Fans of the original Clover Rollover will be pleased to see all the familiar symbols such as the four-leaf clover, pot of gold and bar maid which have all been carefully redesigned and animated.

One key element that differentiates Clover Rollover 2 from the original is the addition of Eyecon’s three tier jackpot system. This system features a Mega, Maxi and Mini jackpot which all build up and drop at various frequencies, allowing for more frequent jackpot winners, whilst still providing a potentially large win for some lucky players. This flexible jackpot system creates an engaging and rewarding player experience by creating even more jackpot winners.

“Clover Rollover is one of the most recognised and popular slot games in the UK Bingo segment,” said Eyecon commercial director Paul Gielbert. “Leveraging Playtech’s assets to build and distribute the sequel is hugely exciting which will benefit Playtech and Eyecon customers, bringing more entertainment to their loyal network of players.”

Playtech Bingo slots manager James Chambers said: “With the original Clover Rollover slot being one of the most popular across the Playtech Bingo network, we are extremely excited to see the launch of Clover Rollover 2.

“It was very important to us that the essence of the original game continued through to the sequel, and by introducing Eyecon’s jackpot mechanics we have been able to deliver a fresh and engaging experience to our players. Additionally, Eyecon has done a fantastic job in overhauling the graphics within the game introducing some impressive animations and giving a new look to an old favourite.”

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